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Need Help for Your Tourism Business?

Virtual Assistance

Industry experienced remote workers to take the stress and pressure off your tourism operation.



Automate Delegate Regulate

 Achieve your business goals faster by streamlining your operation with our automate, delegate, regulate system.

Helping You Achieve Success

Make Your Tourism Business Work for You

Virtually Tourism can help you achieve your tourism business goals faster.  Whether you are looking to streamline your procedures, automate your processes or delegate tasks – we are here to make it happen!  Using our Automate, Delegate, Regulate system we can help you build a tourism business that works for you.

Automate your processes to save valuable time

Delegate so you can work smarter not harder

Regulate your procedures for a smooth operation

Tours & Attractions

General administration, email management, digital marketing, copywriting, tourism award submissions and so much more

Holiday Parks

Reservations, digital distribution, revenue management, automation, guest portal set up, graphics, copywriting, tourism grant applications and so much more

Holiday Rentals

Guest communications, social media, direct bookings, digital distribution, revenue management, automation, holiday cover, property management and so much more

Done For You

Coming Soon!  Ready made templates for your business:   Social media posts, guest documentation, policies & procedures and many more

What is a Virtual Assistant?
How do we Work Together?

Our team of industry experienced, remote workers can digitally swoop in (wearing our superhero capes, of course!) and relieve the stress and pressure on your business.  We don’t tell you what you should be doing, we simply roll up our sleeves and get your jobs done!

Whether you need help for a day, a one-off project or ongoing work the team at Virtually Tourism can help!  We can tackle any tasks that don’t need us to be present in your office.  We already know how the industry ticks and the systems you use.  

You’ll wonder how you ever managed without us!


Only pay for what you need

Many tourism operations have seasonal peaks and troughs.   We understand this and will work with you to assist in peak season and step back in quiet times.

Reduce operational costs

Virtual assistants are independent contractors so that you means you don’t have to pay for leave, sick days, insurance or office space.

Increased productivity

Imagine working with no distractions!  Well, that is exactly how we work – when working with us our clients get 100% productivity and no down time or office gossip ever!

Value your own time

Having a VA creates space for you to work smarter and devote your workday to key areas of the business requiring your full focus and energy.

Reduce stress and finish work by 5 pm

Have you forgotten what your family look like?  When you wear all the hats in your business it can often lead to stress and overwhelm.  This usually means that something isn’t being done with the level of focus it deserves.

The Power of a "Don't Do" List

We get it!  It takes longer to show someone else, you can do it better yourself or you simply don’t have time to delegate!   If you find yourself trying to do everything, it is time to stop!   For the sake of your wellbeing and your business, we are here to show you there is another way.

If you are having trouble letting go, then talk to us about how you can delegate with confidence and trust whilst still maintaining control.

A “don’t do” list helps to prioritise what we actually want to spend our time and attention doing.  For many of us, checking off boxes on a to-do list is a never ending cycle.  Break that cycle now with our free “Don’t Do” list template.



“You have provided the means and encouragement that our small business in regional, seasonal Queensland has been striving for and I/we don’t want to be losing touch with you any time soon…”.

Craig Witts, Owner – Queens Beach Tourist Village

“I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the work that Tracey and her team do.  Our holiday rental in the Daintree has earned over $30k more than comparable holiday rentals in our area in the last year.”

Cec Edwards – Daintree Rainforest Beach House

Tracey has literally changed my life.   Tracey doesn’t just answer my calls and emails, she offers advice when needed, suggests things I may not have thought of and is amazing with my customers. 

Laura Stone – Sydney by Kayak