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Coming Soon - Travel Perks Your Exclusive Pass to deals and Discounts for tourism industry professionals

Hey there, fellow tourism enthusiast! We’ve got something exciting brewing just for you. Imagine having the inside scoop on unbeatable deals and discounts tailor-made for folks in the tourism industry. Well, guess what? You don’t have to imagine any longer, Travel Perks is here!

Welcome to “Travel Perks,” your VIP access to a treasure trove of savings and special offers. Whether you’re a tour operator, a hotelier, or anyone else dedicated to making travelers’ dreams come true, this is your golden ticket to unlock incredible value.


what's in store for you?

Exclusive Discounts:

With Travel Perks you can enjoy jaw-dropping deals on everything from accommodations to travel gear – all handpicked with you in mind.

Hot Deals, Cool Perks:

Be the first to know about limited-time offers and promotions that’ll make your wallet smile.

Surprise Goodies:

Keep an eye out for delightful surprises and giveaways just for our Trade Secrets members.

Business Support:

Gain access to great advice and services to help your tourism business grow.  Exclusive deals from business support services.

how it works

  1. Sign Up: Joining is a breeze. Simply create your Travel Perks account – only $20 for the first year!

  2. Verification:  Virtually Tourism will verify your employment status to ensure you work in the tourism industry

  3. Browse and Save: Once membership is approved you can explore a world of discounts and perks curated exclusively for you.

  4. Redeem and Enjoy: When you find an offer that tickles your fancy, claim it and start saving.

  5. Share the Love: Spread the word to your colleagues and industry pals. The more, the merrier!

Ready to dive into the world of Tourism Deals and Discounts? Your next adventure awaits, and it’s all about making your tourism journey even more rewarding. Join us today and let the savings begin! 🌍✈️🌴🏨🌟


tourism business partners

Are you a tourism business or supplier eager to make a splash in the industry? 

Look no further! Travel Perks is your gateway to a thriving network of verified tourism professionals who are hungry for exclusive deals and discounts. Join us in supporting the industry and encouraging staff longevity while gaining full control of your offers – absolutely no restrictions or set discounts required.

Why Offer Trade Deals?

🌐 Industry Exposure: 

Showcase your product or service to a wide audience of dedicated tourism professionals.

🚀 Business Boost:

Attract new customers and strengthen existing relationships by providing value-driven discounts. Boost your brand visibility and reputation in the industry.

🧠 Enhance Product Knowledge:

Connect with industry professionals who actively engage with holidaymakers and can recommend your product.

💼 Staff Retention:

By helping tourism employees save money, you contribute to their job satisfaction, promoting loyalty and longer tenures within your business.

🎯 Targeted Marketing:

Tailor your deals to suit your goals and audience. We provide the platform; you have the creative freedom.

💡 Full Control:

You decide the terms, dates, discounts, and promotions. It’s your show, and we’re here to help you shine!

Submit your deal today and unlock the potential for business growth, industry recognition, lasting partnerships, and enhanced product knowledge. Let’s embark on this exciting journey together at Trade Secrets!

example offers

These are some offers we already have on the platform.   If you need assistance creating the perfect offer simply email the team at we are happy to help!