Systems & Procedures


If your tourism business has good staff, great products and a solid vision for the future then you are off to a great start.  However, we have found that many small tourism operators have neglected to put in place documented business systems, process, procedures and policies.

The implementation of properly documented business systems, processes, policies and procedures, enables owners and/or managers to reap many additional benefits.   For example, once business systems are documented, it is possible to begin delegating those tasks, effectively,  removing themselves from that function without creating chaos in the business.

Once owners are spending less time doing the actual work of the business, they are free to do the most important work of all, commonly referred to as working on it, not in it!

Common Problems:

  • Confusion and conflict
  • Complaints that staff are doing the wrong thing
  • No clear guidelines 
  • Inconsistent approach
  • Increased costs and wasted time
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Our Solutions:

  • Clearly defined roles and responsibilities
  • Consistent customer service
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce stress and conflict

We help tourism operators document their business systems, procedures and policies.   We start by simply documenting how things are done.  This is the critical first stage in the process as it is only when the people go back to basics and document everything that they do,  that holes in existing systems or processes become apparent.

We then work with operators to close any holes in their systems and produce comprehensive policies and procedures manual to help them run their business efficiently and effectively.   Our manuals often form the basis of the business going on to gain industry accreditation.

By documenting your systems, policies and procedures we can help you achieve:

  • Higher productivity through staff not carrying out tasks incorrectly or needing to continually ask for confirmation or clarity
  • Greater customer satisfaction and confidence resulting in higher average sales and increased repeat business
  • Better accountability of staff through easier measurement of their performance against the systems
  • Ease of movement of staff into, out of and around the business
  • Less reliance upon key individuals, most of all the owner, as a result of systems being in place and available for training and up-skilling others
  • Greater control over the flow of information throughout the business leading to less double handling and resulting in a reduction of errors
  • Safer working practices and fewer injuries
  • A free, no obligation, consultation to ensure we are a good fit for each other and that we can add value to your business
  • Pre-briefing questionnaire so that we can start to get our head around the intricacies of your product and work practices and the level of support you require
  • Full consultation where we lock in your exact requirements, any legal requirements that may apply and get to understand how your business works and plan a program of work
  • A full timeline of work to be completed with deadlines
  • A draft copy of any policies and procedures provided for amendments
  • Final copy of policies and procedures
  • Professional proof-reading
  • Documents set up on a cloud drive for easy amendments by the business owner/manager
  • A PDF copy of the complete manual with index and contents

As you can imagine each clients requirements in this area are very different.   It is impossible for us to give a price without a thorough understanding of your requirements.   You may only require a couple of policies and procedures written or you may need a full policies and procedures manual.

The best way to find out how much your project is likely to cost you is to schedule an appointment for an informal, no obligation chat with Tracey so that we can judge what will be involved for your project.   This is also our chance to assess whether we will be a good fit and add value to your business.