Online Distribution


Digital Distribution for Caravan Parks

Highly effective online distribution for holiday cabins and sites

Digital Distribution for Motels

Maximise your online distribution and minimise your commissions

Digital Distribution for Holiday Rentals

Get your holiday rental listed with the world's biggest online travel agent.

Caravan Parks, Motels and Holiday Rentals are busy places, we know, we've been there!  Online distribution is crucial to the success of your business yet often gets pushed aside.  All too often we see property's use the "set and forget" method.  They don't work their online listings.  Even worse, they don't engage with Online Travel Agents as they think they are too expensive and difficult to work with.

  Why is online distribution so important?
  • Almost 40% of all travel bookings are now made online.
  • 65% of all tourists make accommodation reservations for the same day on a mobile device.
If this sounds like you why don't you engage the services of our experienced property manager to help you?  Use Online Travel Agents and aggregator sites to your advantage. Maximise your online exposure with third-party sites. Utilise the billboard effect and redirect potential guests to your own website.
Our online distribution services are cost-effective and flexible.  You will have a cohesive online presence that engages with your target markets.

Common Problems:

  • Expensive bookings through OTA's
  • Inconsistent branding and tone
  • Poor quality content that does not engage potential clients
  • No return on investment
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Our Solutions:

  • A consistent approach across all platforms
  • Excellent client engagement, experience and service
  • Maximise direct bookings whilst maintaining price parity
  • Pre-briefing questionnaire so that we can start to get our head around the intricacies of your product or service
  • Full consultation where we lock in style guide and tones so that we can ensure a consistent approach and that we understand your business
  • Optimisation and management of all your online booking platforms
  • Channel management set up through your PMS if required
  • Engaging descriptions written with your target markets in mind
  • Competitor analysis
  • Easy to understand monthly reports
  • 1-hour training for 1 staff member on handover

We understand that costs are important.   Our prices start from $65 a week for a minimum 12 week period.   To save you getting out your calculator that's $780, see I told you we like to help!   

We have different packages available for different types of accommodation because quite simply some jobs are bigger than others.   Just click on one of these links to find out more - Caravan Parks, Motels, Holiday Rentals

Alternatively, give us a call or send an email and we would be happy to chat with you about your requirements.