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Industry Experienced Help for the Travel & Tourism Industry

Virtually Tourism is a new service offering virtual assistance and support services to the travel and tourism industry.    Running a tourism operation is relentless, we know, we have been there.  There are so many distractions, the operation is like one huge juggling act!Our industry experienced and professional virtual assistants can help to take the pressure off.   Simply give us the tasks that you don’t like, that are taking too long or that you are just not good at.  We help you run an efficient, customer-focused operation.  There is nothing to distract us, we don’t take sick days and you only pay us for specific tasks.  Your work keeps getting done no matter what else is happening around you! The best way to grow your tourism business is to ensure you are delivering an exceptional client experience.    Outsourcing some of your tasks to an industry experienced and skilled support service gives you more time to:

  • Develop your product or introduce new services
  • Work on and grow your business
  • Spend more time doing the things you love

The Hard Way:

  • Trying to do everything yourself
  • Not enough work to hire staff
  • Just scraping through
  • Need more clients
  • Constant stress and anxiety
  • Health is suffering
  • Not having quality family time
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The Easy Way:

  • Outsource the jobs you hate
  • Work smarter not harder
  • Effective and efficient support
  • Put a value on your own time
  • Industry experienced professionals
  • An integral part of your team
  • More time for the things you love


Tracey started Virtually Tourism as she saw a need to support small tourism and accommodation operators who struggle to handle all the demands of a tourism operation.  Tracey is a passionate advocate of the tourism and accommodation industry and helping small tourism operators to grow and develop their client experiences.With Tracey’s vast experience of the industry she could have become a business coach or consultant, however, she felt there are far too many people already telling you what to do.  Instead, Tracey saw the need to actually get the work done, not just tell you how you should be running your business.Tracey developed a love of the tourism industry on her first overseas holiday to Spain when she was just 8 years old.  Her love of travel saw her land her first position in the industry as an Office Junior for Cosmos Holidays.  She took her first overseas posting in Spain and was the youngest person to work overseas for Cosmos Holidays, five years later she was running the regional office.Tracey’s 35-year career has seen her tackle some challenging roles including:

  • Setting up and running the pioneering Britannia Airways charter flights from the UK to Australia and New Zealand in the late 80’s/early 90’s.  This program of flights made travel to Australia & New Zealand more affordable for the UK traveling public and opened up a new market for the region.
  • Assisted with the startup of the first online travel agency called Standbuy.com – the forerunner for WOTIF.
  • Working alongside Australian Tourism Operators to help them develop new products particularly in remote areas.
  • Held several roles on tourism destination marketing and development boards
  • Managing Director of Bill Peach Journeys/Aircruising Australia & New Zealand.  Operating a portfolio of high-end private aircraft tours in Australia & New Zealand and a range of bespoke international journeys.
  • Owner and director of Select Park Management running caravan park management contracts.
  • Tracey is one of the few people that holds a Diploma in Caravan Park and Resort Management.

Tracey knows that running any business is hard, running a tourism operation or accommodation business adds its own level of complexity.  You trade in a 40 hour week to work an 80 hour week in your own operation and you don’t always see the rewards for all your hard work.  Tracey loves to help tourism operators to optimise their business so that it gives them the time and resources to enjoy the things they love.

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